nurturing heroes

Centre for Applied Practice in Education

At CAPE, we believe that parents and teachers are superheroes.

But like all superheroes, parents and teachers need a friend, compatriot, confidante and mentor at times… to talk about the questions that they have, the battles they are fighting, the victories they have won and the emotions in their hearts.

Like all superheroes, parents and teachers need to be equipped and prepared… for that next solution, that next inspiration, that child, that student, that all-consuming mission.

Parents and teachers, like superheroes, are just one of a kind, and they deserve that pat on the back, not once, not twice, but every day, because –

superheroes, like parents and teachers, are valuable,

and parents and teachers, like superheroes, could all do with some back-up sometimes.

At CAPE, we provide a wide range of bespoke training and consultancy programmes to give parents and teachers the level of back-up and support that they need: training and advice that is meaningful, relevant, applied and evidence-based.

Our mission

CAPE’s mission is to equip and empower parents and teachers to be effective partners and collaborators in the learning journeys of their children and students.

Our vision

CAPE’s vision is to be a haven of hope, a source of encouragement and a purveyor of sound theories and evidence-based practices in education for all parents and teachers in Asia.

Our values are to..


by always seeking the best positive outcomes for children, families, teachers and schools, so that everyone feels valued, respected and cared for.

be Accessible

by ensuring that our people, services and programmes are available to all who need them.

be Principled

by exercising the highest levels of integrity, transparency, fairness and accountability in all that we do.

be Equitable

by adhering to the belief that all individuals are equal and that the pursuit of equity is both right and good for all.

be Excellent

by aiming high to reach “best practices” in pedagogical know-how and practice.