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Our Philosophy - Centre for Applied Practice in Education

Our Philosophy

CAPE’s training philosophy is based on a constructivist model that holds the learner as a co-constructor of knowledge. This means that teaching and training is not done with the assumption that people just soak up knowledge like passive sponges. Rather, people – young or old – are allowed to make sense of things for themselves.

This means that young learners can and should explore, discover, touch, smell, taste, listen and ask questions.

It also means that older learners should explore, discover, ask, discuss, debate and collaborate.

At the same time, CAPE’s training philosophy accommodates the cultural and subjective differences that exist across individuals and groups. Hence, every training and consultancy project is crafted with the goal to make learning meaningful, relevant and effective, not just in the home, but in every school and classroom.

Call or write in today to find out how we can help you and your child, your student.