Positive Behaviour Supports At Home: Examining All The Possibilities In Effective Behaviour Management

Positive Behaviour Supports (or PBS) is a person-centred framework that focuses on the function of a particular behaviour and its relationship to specific environmental situations and consequences. It is a form of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Unlike ABA however, that might over-emphasize the use of rewards and/or punishment as consequences, PBS focuses on changing the antecedent triggers that lead to the behaviour problem, as well as the teaching of appropriate communication and social skills as replacement behaviours.

PBS is used widely in “best practice” inclusive schools throughout the world. However, the framework can also be valuable in home and recreational settings. Come and join Dr Denise Lai Chua at this introductory workshop to find out how the concepts, principles and strategies of PBS can enable you and your family to find immediate, workable and effective solutions to behavioural issues you might be experiencing at home.

The cost of this workshop is SGD80 or HKD460 per child/family. Registration will close 24 hours before the start of the workshop.

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