Preschool in the Wilderness

Obtain an autographed copy of “Preschool in the Wilderness” here, written by our very own Founder and Director, Dr Denise!

The book, an evocative autoethnography, weaves Denise’s memories and subjectivities as a woman, mother, teacher, and female leader with pedagogical and policy discussions about early childhood education in Singapore. Blending narrative, poetry, and aspects of her professional mind, it depicts Denise’s journey through the barrenness of early childhood provisions in Singapore throughout the mid-1990s and 2000s.

Written with a raw honesty and in a manner that instantly draws you into her world, Denise relates how she navigated through this wilderness and emerged a stronger, wiser person with a successful business. Experience her exhilaration and pain, her joys and frustrations, her challenges and achievements, her struggles, and triumphs, as she provides a snapshot of the early childhood education landscape of that time.


Read what others have to say about “Preschool in the Wilderness”:

“Though this book is written with parents, academicians, and policymakers in mind, many operators and principals, especially those who value quality early childhood education, will be able to identify with Denise. All early childhood educators, whether they are principals or practitioners, as well as parents, will benefit from this book as it provides so many insights into the operation of early childhood organisations, which include parents’ aspirations and demands, staff well-being, and regulatory requirements.”
– Datuk Dr Chiam Heng Keng
Founding President, Early Childhood Care & Education Council, Malaysia

“This book offers a captivating first-person account of an early childhood professional, giving voice to a teacher, one whose role is critical in the life of almost every person, yet whose voice is not given the hearing it deserves (and needs). It is also the voice of a woman, a mother, a female leader, and employer-with each role adding another layer to create a rich, nuanced, eventful, and reflective representation of the multiple dimensions that add up to a preschool.”
– Dr Priti Joshi
Associate Professor, Department of Human Development & Childhood Studies, Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi, India