The Birkman® Method For Schools And Teachers

About this Programme

The Birkman ® Method is a science-backed suite of self-assessment tools that has been continuously enhanced over seven decades of validity testing and innovation.

At CAPE, the Birkman ® Method is used to:

  • Help aspiring individuals know if teaching is the right career path for them
  • Empower experienced teachers to harness their innate interests, work styles and personal strengths further
  • Support educational leaders seeking to improve team dynamics and teacher engagement in their schools

With Birkman ®, a questionnaire completed on a personal device in 30-45 minutes delivers a unique set of highly personalised insights. When used as either or both a reflective and/or teambuilding tool, individuals are able to understand themselves better and organisations become stronger, happier and more positive.

The Birkman ® Method can be used in both individual and group-based contexts, including teambuilding workshops and personal mentoring or coaching sessions.


In what situations is the Birkman ® Method most useful?

The Birkman ® Method is a tool that can be utilized productively and meaningfully in a number of different contexts. In school/group settings, it can be used by leaders and managers to improve staff recruitment and selection as well as employee engagement, productivity and motivation. It can also be used in team settings to increase mutual understanding, effective communication and reciprocal forms of collaboration. Importantly, the tool is non-judgmental in orientation and always geared towards the success of the individual and the context in which he/she is operating. At the personal/individual level, the Birkman Method is most often used in coaching and mentoring relationships, especially when these can further enhance staff performance, productivity and job satisfaction.

How is the Birkman Method applied?

When an individual or a school decides to apply Birkman, a questionnaire is first sent to the person or to every individual member in the team/group. This questionnaire is usually completed in 30-45 minutes. It consists of simple “yes-no” type questions or choices between two options. Once the questionnaire is completed, a report is generated. This is sent to the individual. In group settings, information from the report is summarized and used to facilitate team building and productive partnerships. In mentoring/coaching relationships, only the individual’s direct line manager(s) is/are given access to the individual’s information.