Setting Up A Home Programme For Your Child With Autism

As early as 1987, the pioneer of Applied Behaviour Analysis, Ivar Lovaas, demonstrated that children receiving 40 hours of intensive behaviour analytic therapy per week for at least two years achieved considerable gains that later placed them in the “normal” range of intellectual, communicative and adaptive functioning.

More than thirty years later, we now have an even larger body of research evidence to show that intensive behavioural treatment of 20 to 40 hours per week is important to close the gap between the learner’s skills and his/her typically developing peers.

However, achieving intensive behavioural intervention is not always easy or affordable, especially if “more (therapy) is better” and the goal is to create a therapeutic environment for the child for as many hours as possible, across home, school and other (e.g. playground) settings. Added to this the restrictions and hurdles presented by the ongoing global pandemic, families of children with autism might find their intervention plans and learning goals continually stymied.

Is it possible to develop a home learning programme that is both effective, meaningful, yet realistic and do-able by parents and caregivers at home? Join Dr Denise Lai Chua at this introductory workshop where she will discuss some of the principles and strategies that have worked for other families before.

The cost of this workshop is SGD80 or HKD460 per child/family. Registration will close 24 hours before the start of the workshop.

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