Teaching Children With Autism Conversational Skills (Part 1)

Often, when children with Autism begin speech or behavior therapy, they are taught to request for the things that they would like, want, or need. This is called “manding”. Next, they are taught to label the things that they see or experience around them. This is called “tacting”. The challenge is when “mands” and “tacts” have to progress to “intraverbals”, the elements that contribute to maintaining a successful conversation with another person.

At this workshop on the 14 th of October, Dr Denise Lai will explain and demonstrate some of the evidence-based strategies (from both the Verbal Behaviour Approach and Pivotal Response Treatment) that facilitate the child learning to answer and ask questions, make appropriate comments, give instructions, and even use suitable forms of body language such as nodding, when in dialogue with a partner.

The cost of the workshop is SGD80 or HKD460 per child/family. Registration will close 24 hours before the start of the workshop.

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